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Screen candidates before you review resumes.


Online Screening Tests

Use ThePrereqs to ensure that your job candidates have the required skills before their interview. Setup your online screening test with ThePrereqs in less than 2 minutes that enables you to compare candidates easily.


Tailor Your Test

Easily choose the topics you wish to test. From these choices, ThePrereqs draws from a large database of questions to create an equally weighted, role specific and unique test to ensure candidates have the skills you desire.


Simple Testing Process

Your candidates have 15 minutes to answer as many questions as they can. Candidates are ranked based on the number of correct answers. Candidates can be asked to submit their CVs and/or cover letters with their application.


Review Your Candidates

Candidate performance is stored at and is accessible by employers at any time. Employers can analyse and compare candidate performance, and choose only to interview those candidates that possess the prerequisite skills.